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Welcome to the Tauhindauli Park Self-Guided Tour

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May contain: tree, plant, fir, conifer, vegetation, woodland, outdoors, nature, land, collage, art, scenery, road, and person

Upper Soda Springs Road, Dunsmuir, California

Welcome to Tauhindauli Park, a place of beauty, history, and natural wonders. This website will give you information about the Park in addition to the signs on the Self-Guided Tour inside the Park.

May contain: bear, animal, wildlife, mammal, antelope, zoo, bird, and deer
      Sign #3
May contain: fishing, water, outdoors, leisure activities, photography, and person
      Sign #1
May contain: building, architecture, campus, and person
      Sign #2
May contain: shelter, outdoors, building, architecture, hut, nature, rural, countryside, staircase, housing, and house
     Sign #4
May contain: vegetation, plant, person, book, and publication
     Sign #6
May contain: shelter, outdoors, building, architecture, vegetation, plant, tree, hut, nature, rural, countryside, housing, woodland, and land
     Sign #5
May contain: plot, chart, rainforest, vegetation, nature, plant, outdoors, tree, and land
     Sign #7
May contain: bench, furniture, park, grass, outdoors, nature, plant, pond, water, vegetation, backyard, and yard
     Sign #9
May contain: person, carriage, vehicle, transportation, wagon, spoke, and machine
     Sign #8
May contain: vegetation, plant, tree, pond, outdoors, nature, water, land, scenery, and woodland
   Sign #12
May contain: person
   Sign #10
May contain: wasp, insect, animal, invertebrate, and bee
  Sign #11


May contain: tree, plant, vegetation, leaf, oak, rainforest, outdoors, nature, land, sycamore, and moss
   Sign #13
May contain: purple, grassland, outdoors, nature, field, vegetation, plant, and flower
   Sign #15
May contain: outdoors, vegetation, plant, nature, path, land, person, and water
   Sign #14
May contain: trailer truck, truck, vehicle, transportation, train, railway, wheel, and machine
   Sign #18
May contain: spoke, machine, and wheel
   Sign # 16
May contain: locomotive, train, railway, vehicle, transportation, wheel, and machine
   Sign #17
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   Sign #21
May contain: vegetation and plant
   Sign #19
May contain: plot, chart, land, outdoors, nature, vegetation, plant, rainforest, and tree
   Sign #20
May contain: fishing, outdoors, water, leisure activities, angler, person, man, adult, and male
   Sign #23
May contain: nature, outdoors, water, vegetation, plant, rainforest, land, tree, and waterfall
   Sign #22


Also be sure to visit the "Friends of

        Tauhindauli Park" website!