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Self-Guided Tour Sign #10 – Old Cable Bridge Site

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The arrival of the railroad to Upper Soda Springs in the late 1880’s brought new opportunities for visitors to arrive here. Those original railroad tracks, like today, were across the Sacramento River, and a dedicated train stop was built there specifically for the Upper Soda Springs Resort. Rail travelers would buy a ticket directly to the train stop at Upper Soda Springs, and arrive rested and refreshed after a day’s journey in a comfortable railcar--a big improvement over spending nearly a week in a dusty, bumpy stagecoach!

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This photo from about 1915 shows the train stop for Upper Soda Springs.

A cable bridge spanning the river was built from the train stop over to the Resort on this side of the river. The original bridge washed away in high flood waters during the 1890’s, and a replacement cable bridge was used by guests until about 1920 when the Resort closed. City visitors coming from San Francisco must have found it a thrill to get out of their railcars and cross this cable bridge over the river on the way to their stay at the Resort.

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