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                     SUMMER '21 - POOL NOTICE


The Dunsmuir Community Pool  has closed for the summer season on July 29.  Thank you to the people of the Southern Siskiyou County community and our Pool patrons for a very successful 2021 pool season.

Due to early, college admission scheduling, the Dunsmuir Recreation & Parks District lost 3 of its 5 Red Cross certified Lifeguards at the end of July.   For that reason, the 2021 Pool Season officially ended on July 29.

This decision was based on the District's concerns for the safety of all of our patrons, especially the children.

The District Board and staff extends our appreciation to the community for its generosity and support.

See you next summer !   The District will honor all unredeemed 2021 "Pool Bucks" swim tickets for the 2022 season.

The District thanks the many 2021 "Pool Bucks" campaign donors and community partners - supporting both the 2021 & 2022 seasons.

LIFEGUARD RECRUITMENT for the 2022 season is underway !  Call the District office for more info. regarding upcoming skills testing for Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.   Join our aquatic team !

(530) 235-4740 / (530) 859-0294





The renovated, naturally heated, Dunsmuir Community Pool is the largest swimming pool in Siskiyou County. At 75 feet x 150 feet, it provides ample room for kids to play and adults to swim.

The District follows all current Public Health protocols  and inspection recommendations to protect our pool patrons while visiting the pool.   The pool is available for private party rentals during seasonal operation.   

Dunsmuir Community Pool facilities include:

  • ADA compliant changing rooms and restrooms
  • Wheelchair and tiny tot ramp into the pool
  • Shaded relaxation area that serves as a comfortable place for parents to watch their children
  • Trained and certified lifeguards
  • Diving board